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Äänitausta Magnet 120x20

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Äänitausta Magnet 120x20


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White with magnetic fixing


Pikval Audio is the premiere directional audio solution. Based on Plane Wave technology, Pikval Audio creates a highly focused and directional audio footprint that delivers the message and the audio to the desired area, without disturbing the surroundings.

Several speakers can be placed close to each other. Still, different audio messages do not disturb each other due to the speakers' high directivity.

Backside of the housing has place for signage. Size of the signage is 5x198x1198mm.

Manage audio content by online service or with stand-alone USB player.

  • - Highly-focused audio delivered only to desired spot.
  • - Extremely high speech intelligibility means your message is clearly delivered to the listener even in noisy environments
  • - Easy to install - lift in place and plug in.


Technical data:

  • -Primary 230 Vac, 1,8A max
  • -IP20


Audio properties

  • -Audio in MP3 format
  • -Maximum output sound pressure level > 95 dBA (@5kHz)
  • -Frequency range 250 Hz - 16kHz (-3 dB/oct.)
  • -Operation principle: Bridged mono (internal stereo to mono conversion)



  • -Wifi
  • -Ethernet
  • -(Possibility for 3g/4g)

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