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Cool Shelf 90x50

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  • Possibilities to combine with modular fittings

Cool Shelf 90x50


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White (RAL9016)


Cool shelf brings cool products to ambient areas and creates more opportunities for impulse buying in checkout areas and linked sales on standard gondolas. The shelf is moveable - simply place it where it is needed and create new sales opportunities.

Cool Shelf cools down to 2-6 °C. It has a modular structure, and no external cooling device is needed. The shelf integrates into standard ITAB shelving systems. Its Plug-n-Play solution only needs electricity. Other equipment from our Smart FittingsTM family, such as Smart Shelf and DS, can also be integrated.

ITAB’s new modular shop fixtures provide retailers with a way of evolving their business. The fittings are adaptable to the changing needs of retail spaces with regard to product lifecycles and stock turns. They can easily and conveniently be altered to suit different campaigns and seasons. They can also be integrated into existing shelving systems to create additional functionality.

  • - Product temperatures +2°C…+6°C (environmental conditions +22°C/55% RH)
  • - Energy consumption is in +22°C ambient temperature and RH 55% moisture about 2,8 kWt/24h
  • - Electrical input power is about 180W (without led lights)
  • - Device has a zero-maintenance steelwire condenser
  • - Device cools with R600a-refrigerant (isobutane), which is non-toxic natural gas e.g. green gas, GWP 3
  • - EU-area CE marking
  • - Device cools products down with air circulation
  • - 230Vac


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