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Grand Stand 1x55" pylon + AROMA

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Grand Stand 1x55" pylon + AROMA


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Pikval Digital Signage products are streamlined design components to build your own Digital Media Channel with easy installation and flexible use. Pikval Digital Signage screens are designed for retail environments. Special functions and latest research are taken into account to provide best solutions.

Your digital media channel takes your messages to your customers in real time, with just a few clicks. Updating and producing content is easy with ready-made templates and quick tools. You can schedule and distribute material to all of your screens, or target the material by purpose, location or time of day, for example.

All Pikval Digital Signage screens are connected to network: WiFi and Ethernet are buildt in. Content management is done via internet by easy to use Pikval Manager. 3G/4G connection is possible, not included in standard.

With Pikval Digital Signage there is no need for firewall rules or other special network installations. Lift the products in place and plug in the power.


Images JPEG, JPG, PNG (FullHD resolution-vertical 1080x1920)

Videos MPEG2, MPEG4, h. 264 (FullHD resolution-vertical 1080x1920)

* Full details are available on media guide or Pikval Manager service description.


Solid and reliable room fragrance device which works with the principle of nebulization.

A smooth and micro fine nebulization of exclusive perfume compositions guarantees a quick aromatization of areas up to 100 m². The integrated multi-function timer can be programmed easily and quickly to the operating hours of your choice. Furthermore you can set different fragrance intensities per day to guarantee a unique scent intensity appropriate to your demands. The included odor absorber in our fragrance compositions removes and neutralizes unpleasant odors quickly and effectively. Our specially created fragrances will delight your customers and guests!

Scented area

100 m² or 300 m³ (3 m ceiling height)

Scent content 150ml


Model     Picture area size (mm)
55" 680x1210




(Possibility for 3G/4G)


Technical data:

Primary 230 Vac

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