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Digital Signage Content Manager SaaS subscription

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Digital Signage Content Manager SaaS subscription


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SaaS for management of your Smart Fittings™ product.


This is the SaaS product for management of Content Smart Fittings™ including phone and email support.

The monthly SaaS is a fee charged at the beginning of every third month for the required management of your Pikval Smart Fittings™ product.

Management of the Pikval Smart Fittings™ products is done centralized and remotely with a web-based Pikval Manager user interface. With a few clicks you’ll send your material to selected displays or audio panels all over the world in real-time. All data is stored and distributed to screens from a global cloud server. The most important advantages of Pikval Smart Fittings™ are its usability, competitive price, and technical reliability.

Pikval Manager is especially designed for chain level corporations. Media displays can be grouped for example by function (e.g. sales counters), by brand or by region (Helsinki). The management of the displays stays simple and effective with hierarchical user access levels. Scheduling of content and ready-made templates allow easy and quick updates. The company appearance stays consistent throughout the whole communication line, and all the displays are put to cost effective use.
Digital signage systems make it possible to manage large, chain level campaigns from one location in real-time. The content on displays is also easy and inexpensive to edit, time, and target for different customer groups.

Pikval Smart Fittings™ is the media solution of today -and tomorrow.

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