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Smart Sensor - Calibrated WiFi Sensor

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Smart Sensor - Calibrated WiFi Sensor


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With WiFi sensors you have the ability to collect anonymous data on individual customers’ visit. The data starting from how long the customer spend time in store, the behavioral data like the frequency of the customer visits to the store? How many of the customers are returning customer and how many of the customer are new customers?

Adding more than one WiFi sensors in store you can analyze customer behavior and patterns in store. The store-wide Wi-Fi analytics solution is able to provide accurate, real-time conversion from fitting rooms to tills and other metrics like dwell times at the fitting areas or at the service counters. What is the route for the customer from entrance to till and how long time was spend in different areas.

How does this work?

Even if not connected to WiFi network, all Wi-Fi enabled devices continually send messages to detect available networks. This takes place one or two times in minute, depending on device. With the intelligent Smart Sensors this data is transformed into GDPR compliant anonymous data, right at the sensors.

Adding WiFi sensors to your store you can have the information of customer journey of:

-Time spent in store

- Returning customers count

- New customer count

- Frequency of customer visit

- Customer route through departments

- Total shopping time

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