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Smart Sensors - Basic License for store

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Smart Sensors - Basic License for store


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Online stores have been testing their sites for years, playing with the design, figuring out where items should be positioned to catch the eyes of shoppers. How to position first, second and third offers or suggest follow up purchases.

With Smart Fittings™ Smart Sensors you can bring the online store type analytics to brick and mortar. Measuring of behavioral patterns in detail makes you able to test and select things that work the best. With Smart Fittings™ Smart Sensors you can analyze entire customer visit throughout the entire store and actually before entering store. Track repeating visits and loyalty as well the time spent in store.

Find patterns and data of customer behavior in-store, as example what is your fitting room to till conversion and what changes affect this. Find demographics information for customer segmentation and get a comprehensive understanding of your customer activity and drive business growth.

Get all of the information in easy format in ITAB Analytics Dashboard view with processed, analyzed actionable data.

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